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The No. 1 reason to be a firefighter is to serve others. Although trained to make wise decisions and prepare for emergencies, firefighters know the risk of injury or even death is present on every call. The willingness to take that risk to save someone else is truly the nature of someone with a servant's heart. If you are interested in joining our organization, please read the following information and if you choose "YES" to the 4 questions, we encourage you to fill out an online interest card and a recruitment coordinator will contact you. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE FIREFIGHTING EXPERIENCE AND WANT TO LATERAL INTO OUR ORGANIZATION, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

#1. Do you qualify?

#1. Do you qualify?

  • Are you over the age of 18? (Or will you be by the time the academy starts?)

  • Do you have a valid Oregon Drivers License with a good driving record (Or can you obtain an Oregon License?)

  • Are you physically fit or willing to improve? Can you pass our CPAT?

  • Are you free of any felony convictions?

  • Do you have a HS Diploma, GED, or equivalent?

  • If you said YES to all of these, please read on!

#2. Do you have the time?

  • Can you attend a 4 Month academy which includes book work online - and field training on Saturdays & Sundays (Typically 8-5) and 1-2 weeknights (Typically 6-10) a week?

  • After academy is through, can you complete an EMS course (if not previously certified) which will take from 2 to 6 months (depending on EMS certification you choose)?

  • If you answered YES to all of these, please read on!

#2. Can You Commit?

#3. Can You Commit?

#3. Can You Commit?

  • Can make 80% of Tuesday Night Drills each month (7-10pm)

  • Can you complete 24 hours of staffing every month? (Can be all at once or divided up)

  • Can you attend special events or the occasional mandatory drill with advance notice? (OSHA)

  • If you answered YES to all of these, please read on!

#4. Are you Ready?

If you answered YES to the questions above, and want to learn more about volunteering, please fill out the interest form below and one of our recruitment coordinators will contact you. Please also review the annual calendar to review important dates such as when we accept applications, when our academies start and more. We look forward to hearing from you!


Volunteer Interest Card

*Please Note: Applications are accepted between April & June and again between October & December a new link will be featured below during those times:

Please use this link to fill out an application only after invitation.

Neo-Gov Online Application LINK


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